We make the complex simple.

The Problem

Benefits Are Complicated And Expensive

Research shows that 45% of consumers don’t understand basic benefit terms, and over 50% pick a health plan that is more expensive than they need. Today, consumers select from more, and more complicated, plan choices. Our mission is to help consumers lower cost while simplifying benefit selection.

The Solution

Expert-Driven Analytics

Clearview Logix builds decision support tools for the healthcare and ancillary industries. We’re benefits experts, not just analysts and developers. Our easy-to-use, patent-pending algorithms utilize normative data from millions of claimants, resulting in informed decisions and lower costs.

Decision Support

Available via REST API or direct-to-client

Health Plan Selection

HSA Contribution Planning

Voluntary Benefit Education

Structured Plan Data Solutions

Provider / Formulary Search

Our Partners’ Success

Our partners – from employers to broker/consultants to benefits administration leaders – seek the best benefits experience for their employees and clients. They are employers looking to help their employees choose better benefits. They are benefits administrators seeking to create a user experience that consumers expect. We share a common purpose: better outcomes through better decisions.

The Clearview Difference

Our Expertise, Distilled

We’re both benefits and technology experts: industry leaders trying to change the health plan landscape by offering sophisticated analytics and technology alongside each plan option, resulting in clear communication and wise choices.

This dual focus gives our products a unique advantage: we analyze the numerous complex inputs required to analyze each benefit and measure their ultimate value and cost impacts, so the end-user can make an informed decision.

Our models utilize thousands of lines of code to interpret complex, voluminous normative data, but our algorithms require only a few answers from the end-user to work their magic. The same goes for our APIs: we’ve built out a rugged suite of tools that can be integrated into any existing system in days, not weeks.

Above all, we are unabashedly consumer-focused; all of our tools are designed to optimize the end-user’s consumer choice, and no one else’s.

Our years of experience in the field, within every major player (carriers, brokers, consumer advocacy groups, and more) has given us unparalleled understanding of the space, and the important cost drivers for each constituent within the value chain.

Our methods are unbiased, our user experience is quick and easy, our output enables an informed decision, and set-up is minimal. That’s the Clearview Logix difference. We make the complex simple.

Better Decisions. Better Benefits.

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